Chirurgische naalden

Tempered stainless steel:
  • high flexural strength
  • guaranteed non–corrosive
Optimised spring eye design:
  • safe suture hold
  • reduced risk of damaging suture surface
  • optimised elasticity of the spring eye permits quick and easy threading
Precision cut:
  • sharpened edges reduce wound trauma
  • high penetration capacity

RESORBA® uses eyeless needles in the production of needle-suture combinations made from high quality stainless steel. Atraumatic needle-suture combinations have the suture anchored inside a drilled shaft at the end of the needle. This design permits an almost stepless transition between needle and suture, which, in turn, reduces tissue trauma.

Specific surface treatments as well as precision grinding of the needle point, or entire needle, ensure minimum resistance on insertion and easy passage through the tissue.

RESORBA® offers ideally matched atraumatic suture material to meet all the needs of practitioners with regard to the wound and tissue situation as well as surgical indications and technology. The needle properties (cross-section, point, curve length) are subject to the highest standards concerning:

  • response to penetration
  • resistance to bending
  • resistance to breaking
  • secure seating in needle holder